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What a Day!

It's safe to say, when busy season hits, it hits!

This was a day filled with so many things, and it sure went by fast! I worked my normal hours here at the co-op, and used my lunch break to take our little girl to her swimming lesson. We're excited, as this is her first year taking them! She's four and so far is loving them!

After work she helped me check water on a couple pastures for family's cattle, and then.. it was home to spoil our own herd! Well, mostly ours. The herd at our place is a mix of ours and other family members, but I love them all. The one in the picture with me is my mom-in-law's cow, Bobbie. She's most definitely the most spoiled... for now.

This girl is ours, and probably the next in line for being spoiled. Along with a couple others who are realizing I'm not as scary as I look!

Once our cows were good and spoiled, and their water had been checked, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the field!

We were lucky enough to get to hang out on the grain cart with my husband, and also got to take a load of wheat to the elevator with my father-in-law! Riley thoroughly enjoyed the grain cart and collecting "money" as we waited for the combine! (Her money was wheat berries!)

Here's to a safe and plentiful harvest this year! Are you harvesting, too?

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