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Less Leads to More in 2024

While trying to come up with my focus word for this year, I instead decided to go with the phrase: Less Leads to More. Today's society loves to push the "more" mentality. Whether it is to buy more, do more, or hustle more.. it seems like that is all we are pushed to do.
Sunrise over a lake, pink, purple clouds.

For me, the "more" mentality lead to one thing, burnout. The more I tried to hustle and do all the things, the more stressed I would be which for me causes burn out. I hit a point where instead of wanting to do all the things, I don't want to do anything. There has to be a balance for me and I feel that following a "less leads to more" mentality is it.

I don't mean that I'm going to sit around and do nothing all year for 2024 because that's not it at all. What it means for me is focusing less on things such as money, materialistic items, and stress while spending more time and energy focusing on things that truly matter in my life. I want to spend more time being present with my family, enjoying the little moments God gives us daily, and spend more time doing things that bring joy to my life.

Luke 12:15 Bible Verse

Specific things that I want less of in the coming year are less time on social media, less time stressing and worrying about what others think, and less impulse decisions and purchases. I want to replace these things with more time in God's word, more time with my family and friends, more time discovering who I am and living life to the fullest as my one true self. I want to take more time thinking things through and not jumping head first before praying over the decisions I make.

I believe that embracing this new mindset will teach me to be more content in my own life. I've worked a lot over the last few years to be content with the life I have, but there always room to grow.

Will you join me in living a "less leads to more" mindset this year and in the years to come??

"Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds?"

Luke 12:24

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