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Surrender The Joy Stealers Review & Giveaway!

"Joy in suffering is not an oxymoron - it's a purposeful mission of love." - Doris Swift, Surrender the Joy Stealers

I am so excited to share my review of Surrender the Joy Stealers by Doris Swift with you! As I move through the study, not a day goes by that a quote or paragraph doesn't hit home. Doris moves you through the study with 5 daily studies each week that really make you think and connect with the Lord. She has a guided prayer verse each day, as well as many other verses that she has you work through on the journey to surrender our joy stealers and find true joy in the Lord.

I truly believe this is a study that anyone can relate to, as we all have those things in our lives that tend to suck the joy away. We just need to remember that true joy is not in material things of this world (work, cars, money, dream jobs), but it is found in the Lord and His word. The more we meditate on those, the more we will find joy even in the dimmest light on our hardest days.

Over the six weeks in the study, Doris takes you step by step from revealing your joy stealers, to reaching the point of being able to share the fruit that you alone can bear when you abide in the Lord. I am currently on week 2, Respond, and digging deep into how I can surrender my joy stealers and be rid of the grip they hold over me. It isn't an easy week, because surrendering anything can be hard, let alone learning to surrender everything we have to the Lord. Trusting in Him to provide, as His word says He will.

"And my God shall supply all of your need according to His riches in our glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19.

The best news I have through all of this is that I have an extra copy of the study that I will be giving away on Instagram! Please follow along and enter to win in my stories each day from August 21-25, 2023! I'd love to be able to share this study with you!

You can purchase the Bible Study at the following retailers!

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