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Farm Wife Favorites... My Favorite Kitchen Tools: Part 1

Tools in my kitchen that I cannot live without...😉

Since I shared all of my favorites as a mom, I figured it's time to share the things that I used daily or quite often in the kitchen. These are five of my top ten most used kitchen tools! I'm curious to know which of these items you can't live without, either!

First up we have cast iron. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we use at least once piece of cast iron cookware every day. Typically it is our round griddle pan for eggs each morning, and often our 12" skillet for browning hamburger several nights a week for supper. There's just something about cast iron that makes it our ultimate choice when it comes to cooking on the stove.

Ahh, the Ninja. Bless her heart, she was a birthday gift two years ago (maybe three) and has been used frequently ever since. While I love the large blender part, we generally use the cup attachment to blend eggs, baby food, pancake mix, and whatever else we think needs blended. It works amazing for scrambled eggs, or to blend eggs for an egg wash for baking or dredging those chicken fried steaks (if you know you know!).

These were something I didn't know I needed until I was gifted them for Christmas this last year. I got tired of the coating of my non-stick pans wearing off, and asked for a nice set of stainless steel ones for Christmas. The only thing on my wish list was that they had the strainer lids. The set I received has those lids and so far I have yet to scorch anything or have anything stick terribly in them. They are great quality and look pretty, too!

If you do not have this yet, you're missing out! I have been using Chic Wrap's cling wrap for at least 5 years. I love that the cling wrap sticks to virtually any dish you need to wrap, and it works perfect for wrapping individual foods like breakfast burritos, too! The dispenser provides a second set of hands and makes it so quick to just pull out the amount of wrap you need, slice and then get your dish or food covered!

I have never had to replace my slicer on my dispenser, but love that they offer replacements on their site for when that day comes! They also offer a variety of other products including foil and parchment paper!

The air fryer that I use and love is a Cuisinart Air Fryer Oven. I like it much better than our old air fryer that was the traditional basket style. It's nice to be able to cook anything from chicken nuggets and fries to steaks and brats all in one appliance. Ours has several cooking settings including air fry, bake, toast, and grill. Air fry is what we use the most, but the grill option is nice for when it is a little too chilly to grill outside!

Stay tuned for part two!!!!

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