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These are the Days..

These are the days I will remember forever. You know the ones I'm talking about? The days when you get to spend time with your family. These are the days that are engraved in your memory because you set your phone down and lived for the moment you were in.

This weekend was a great one. Friday night was date night, and something I greatly looked forward to. We had supper together, went metal detecting, and ended the night spoiling the cows. For a girl like me, and a guy like my husband, life doesn't get much better than that. Saturday we spent mostly doing our own things, but before picking up Riley, we checked the solar well, which was plugged.. Worked on that and also got some of the moss out and enjoyed seeing a group of deer venturing through the pasture.

Saturday night turned into a crazy rescue mission, after picking up Riley and heading off to check more of the family's cows. It's something we often do on weekends, particularly in the evenings, because we love the pastures and love watching the calves grow. We ended up calling in reinforcements upon finding a few calves and a cow in a pit of water, and with the help of Jesse, his brother, and myself, we got the calves out before the rest of the reinforcements got there. The cow rescue required Jesse, his brother, their stepdad, and two other men, one of which thankfully had a horse. We are so grateful that everyone works so well together and that all five head were able to be saved, and are all doing well now, too.

The weekend ended with even more family time, and a feast! The whole family (all 10 of us) joined together after church per usual out at their parents' farm, and after the men got done with their afternoon work, and barn calves were fed, we enjoyed a great family dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, dinner rolls, and jalapeño poppers. The dinner was followed by homemade ice cream (if you want the best, I'd recommend asking my sister-in-law or mom-in-law.. they know how to do it..), angel food cake, and sliced peaches! It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

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