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Facing Your Fear is Hard

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Five minutes before I took this video, Bug was sitting on the end of the board. She had walked all the way to the end, but once she got their, fear told her she couldn't jump. Instead, she sat on the end, watching her teacher, who encouraged her and let her know that she could jump. She'd done it two weeks before, and promptly said that she was done with the board. This night, something inspired her to want to jump again, which is what led her to sitting on the edge. She did jump that first time, then a second, and a third... all the way to five jumps. This video was jump number three. All she needed to know was that if she put her fears aside, she could jump. Her teacher was right their waiting to catch her.

It's so interesting to know that while Bug learns a lot from her dad and myself, we also can learn so much from her. Everyone has fears, and there is something inspiring when watching your child face theirs. Facing my fears is a real challenge, one that tends to hold me back more often than not. One of my biggest fears is to not be accepted, or to be judged for being myself. It is something I work each day to overcome because I am realizing that the person I am, is who God made me to be.

He made each one of us unique, and each of us has a purpose. Do we always succeed in this purpose on the first, second, or even third try? Maybe not, but that doesn't mean we should quit being ourselves. It means to keep facing our fears, trusting that He is here to catch us when we fall. He won't let go, and we need to hold on to that faith with each fear we face.

Two fears I have faced recently have been being more open about this blog, and also creating an Etsy store for crafts I have started to make. Neither of those things was easy for me, and truth be told, I still struggle with that fear of acceptance. The fear that someone will read this and laugh, but I won't let that stop me from pursuing a gift that was given to me by the one who matters most.

I'll close with Proverbs 3:5-6. When we trust in the Lord, grow in Him, and lean into His word and truth, it strengthens us. It allows us to conquer our fears, even if at times we fail. We can continue to push forward, and continue down the path that He has created for us. If you stumble, remember, the path is still there, waiting for you to continue on your journey.

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