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While trying to come up with my focus word for this year, I instead decided to go with the phrase: Less Leads to More.


When we focus on less of the things that don't matter.. it leads to more time for those that do.


I felt that this beautfiul reminder deserves a sticker, to provide a visual reminder to dig deep into the Less Leads to More mentality.


Each sticker is approximately 2.5"w X 1.5"h and they are printed on permanent vinyl then laminated to provide a water and UV resistant sticker.  This makes them perfect for water bottles, journals, planners, laptops and anywhere you'd love to place a reminder!  They also make wonderful gifts!

Less Leads to More Stickers

Design Options
  • Handwash only if placed on tumbler or water bottle.  The dishwasher may be too agressive and cause them to peel.

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