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Do you love gifting freezer meals? Are you looking for a way to add a special touch to each meal? Our custom freezer meal labels are the solution!

We've got seven designs ranging from classic to fun, sold in sets of 16 labels. They are perfect for those gifted meals, as they are made using permanent vinyl and will stick to both tinfoil and plastic! They stay put when frozen, and even peel off foil while the meal is still frozen, if it needs baked covered.

Each label offers a place for the meal name, date it was made, and directions for baking!

They are also a great way to simply keep your own meals organized and easy to identify! If you are looking for non-personalized labels, check out our listing with our Freezer Meal Labels!


We've got many other options to choose from!

Custom Freezer Meal Labels

  • Height: 3.8"

    Width: 4.2"

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