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You're Joking Me: Review & Giveaway

If you are in the market for a great joke book for your kids, you're in the right spot! You're Joking Me: Jokes for Kids by a Kid is a great addition to your home library! Written by William Daniel, a middle schooler, this book is appropriate for kids of all ages!

In his book of jokes, William has over 120 pages of laughter ready for the reader to share with their friends and family. Jokes such as "What is a golfer's favorite drink?", "What did the sloth say to his wife?", and "Why did Moses like math?" are just a few of the jokes that are waiting for you! You'll have to grab the book to find the answers!

If you'd like to win a copy of this great book, head over to our Facebook page and comment why you'd love to win it. We'll draw and announce the winner on December 20th!

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