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Tis the Season, to Stay Busy...

Well, it's been a minute or two since I have posted, and I apologize for that! I had all intentions of trying to get back into weekly posts, and that clearly did not happen. Life just got busier than I planned, which meant that sadly I ran out of steam when it came to writing. I love writing, I do, but just didn't have it in me for the passed few weeks.

I think for today, we'll just play a quick game of catch-up. We can start with Thanksgiving... Riley and I were able to spend the day with my family and hang out at my sister's place, and Riley got her nails done. She was so excited about that!

Jesse spent the day with his family, getting things ready around the farm to start weaning calves. I joined them for supper, and then Friday was a half day at work, followed by some Big R black Friday shopping with Riley, and some time after that with Jesse's family as they finished up weaning and working the first set of calves.

Since then most of the calves have been weaned and worked for their first set, including our group. This is so exciting to me because this is the first year for weaning at our place, and I love having the calves up by the house until they move to wheat pasture later this month. It also means that Olaf is one of those close babies, and Riley is just as excited as I am about that. He's helping us teach the others that people aren't as scary as they think!

What would we do without Olaf?

Curious Bystanders

We also have got the Christmas tree put up (Gizmo thoroughly enjoys undecorating it...), turned my car into a drive-thru for one of the bull's to snag treats, and I managed to create a few new items that I plan to add to my Etsy shop soon!

This is what a drive-thru for bulls looks like!

The tree prior to Gizmo's destruction, and two of the latest flour-sack towels I am working on!

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