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Slowing Down to Make Memories

It's safe to say that God had some very different plans for my April than I did. I planned weekly posts and a whole new product launch. Ya'll want to know what I did in April? I made memories. Beautiful, blessed memories with my family that I'd not have got if I'd put all my spare time into figuring out posts to write and pushing myself to get those products launched.

Riley often takes her 4-wheeler on our longer walks!

Do I still want to return to weekly or at least every other week? Yes, someday I do. Do I still want to launch my new products? Of course! However, I'm learning that those things can wait, and memories cannot. I have went on so many more walks with Riley this month (when the wind isn't blowing 50mph), spent hours on the ranger with Jesse and Riley, forgot to take videos and photos while doing so, along with so many other beautiful family moments.

We had a wonderful Easter spent with family, we've spent hours and hours on the ranger with my mom-in-law, and Riley finally got to have another weekend stay with my mom and dad. These are the days that can't be replaced by blog posts, product launches, or really anything. I'll share the photos I've got from this month, but as I said, they're few and far between. I've even got some to share that we had a local photographer take of Riley at the farm.

Photos Courtesy of: Kasyns Images Photography

Evenings when I should be working from home, I've instead chose to spend with Jesse and Riley checking our cows (and waiting for doves to hatch, and watching a couple baby pigeons in our grain bin grow), rather than cooping myself into the office and hammering out products. While that may sound counter productive to some, we've also had some changes that cause my work days to go by much faster and busier than they used to, and this has opened my eyes and let me see that how I spend my time at home is also important. This summer I may have less time to love on Riley if work hours increase through harvest, and I am taking now to spend those extra moments with her and Jesse while I can.

Black cow and calf
First Calf in our Herd! Not Ours, but Healthy and Well!

I hope that this can allow you to know that if you feel pulled in too many directions, that you can choose the direction that God wants you to go. I know He's not done with this blog or with my Etsy shop, as the shop is doing better than I ever expected this month, but He's also been laying it on my hard that there's nothing wrong with slowing down and making memories.

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