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Simple Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Are you looking for a simple recipe that is great for the freezer or feeding a crowd? Check out these breakfast burritos, they just may do the trick!!

One of my favorite things to do is make freezer meals. Anywhere from breakfast recipes to quick lunch or supper meals. To me, freezer meals just make life so much easier when times are busy, and it's a relief to know there are quick options we can grab and roll with.

When it comes to breakfast, a staple item in our freezer is breakfast burritos. These burritos are quick and easy to make, and are perfect to grab and enjoy on busy mornings! They are also sure to fill you up, as they are filled with steak, eggs, tater coins, and cheese! You can adjust the recipe per your time and family's taste preferences, too!

This recipe makes approximately 15 burritos, for ours, 10 of them had steak, and 5 did not because I only had about 1.5# of steak. I know better for next time, each time it's a learning experience as to how many burritos I'll get. I started off with pre-heating the oven and while it heated up, I cubed my steak (well this time it was a sirloin roast), seasoned that and seared it in my instant pot. Then I added 1 cup of beef broth and cooked my meat for 30 minutes on the stew/meat setting.

Then I put my tater coins (entire bag) into the oven for 30 minutes... No I did not flip them half way through because my pan wasn't big enough for that. They turned out just fine anyway... While the taters were cooking, I prepared my scrambled egg mixture of 2 dozen farm fresh eggs (I love when mom grabs us eggs from her neighbors!), a splash of milk, and salt and pepper to taste! I love using this Cuisinart emersion blender to mix my eggs up, it makes quick work of them! I put those on the stove in our trusty cast iron pan, and cooked them while the meat and taters were also cooking.

When all of the cooked components were complete, I set up my burrito station and got to work. I like to start with cheese, add my eggs, then put taters on one side, and meat on the other. Then I wrap them up and stack them on my sheet pan until everything is done. Once the burritos are finished, they get individually wrapped in saran wrap and put into gallon freezer bags. This makes them easy to just grab however many you need, and microwave them for a quick breakfast. I have also wrapped them in foil for reheating in the oven or air fryer. This works great, too but I have found on rushed mornings, it's not the best option for us!

The Burrito Station all Set to Go!

Here I do have a rough recipe of ingredients and the amounts used (or in the case of the steak, the amount I should have used). It's just a great quick recipe, that is also fairly budget friendly if you need to feed a crowd! You can easily substitute the steak for sausage or ham if that's what you like. This is my first time adding the tater tots, so I haven't used other meats, but I do plan to do so with my next round of burritos! Variety is also a bonus!

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