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Meal Planning Made Simple + January Giveaway!

Are you sensing a theme to January already? Meal planning talk, again?! What is this woman thinking?! I'm thinking that it's time to let you in on a secret I've been keeping... The one that makes my meal planning and weekly grocery shopping so simple!

For the last year I have been using the Simple Purposeful Living 52 Week Meal Planner, created by Erin Port in Iowa. I have followed her on Instagram since 2020, love her content, and that she is bringing a new light to meal planning. She focuses on simplifying it, reminding her followers that it doesn't have to be fancy to feed our family. In November of 2020, I purchased my first meal planner and am now onto my second planner.

Why do I love this planner so much? What makes it so special? The answer to both questions is because it is so incredibly simple. Erin's mission is to help others simplify their lives, and this meal planner does that. I'd say it has no frills, but the perforated shopping list that's attached to each week's meal plan is pretty spiffy! I love that each week I can flip to a new week's plan, do a dive through the freezer and pantry to see what needs used up and plan around that. Items that we need weekly I write down immediately such as milk and eggs, then see what I need to complete weekly meals such as fruits, veggies, or possible specialty ingredients.

I also ask Jesse and Riley what they'd like and add that to the list. Then I either take my whole planner, or just tear out the list, and take it with me to the store. I'm trying to plan on Fridays for the next week, and get groceries over the weekend. I also love that I'm able to flip back to weeks past and see when we had something last, or to get ideas for those days my mind just goes blank.

If you're interested in meal planning, I hope you'll take the time to enter this month's giveaway, with daily chances to enter on our Instagram page today through drawing time! We are giving away one of Erin's Complete Meal Planning Bundles (meal planner, meal planning accessory kit, and meal idea sticker set) and a "Live, Love, Cook" tea towel. The giveaway will be held January 20th, live at 7:00pm cst on our Faith, Family, Farm Life Instagram page! You'll be able to enter daily on our Instagram stories and via our Facebook stories!

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