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Kids, Calves, Ducks and all Things in Between!

Wow, it's been a while since I've given you a farm and life update. We'll just say that things have been a little bit crazy for the last month or so! As far as the girls go, they are both healthy and doing great! Riley just finished swim lessons and conquered her fear of the slide and now loves it! Raelynn has discovered the art of rolling and is working on her scooting skills! They are both growing fast and its hard for me to believe that in August we will have a first grader and a four month old!

Riley has also been working hard to ride her bike without training wheels and is doing phenomenal. She also just finished up with swimming lessons for the year and now loves the slide!!

I'm excited to say that a little over a week ago we had a great discovery. We found one of our later born calves that we were sure was a goner. His mama had hid him really well for over a month, due to him having some leg/joint issues. She finally led us to him on a Saturday evening and shocked us that he was still kicking, but barely. The pair got relocated to Jesse's family's farm and as of now, the little guy is doing well!

Riley also added some new "friends" to our farm, a pair of female Muscovy ducks. I never thought I'd be a duck lady, but mercy are these two adorable. She calls them Sunny and Tulip, and is working on convincing them to let her pet them. They are already spoiled with treats and the run of our backyard with Bunz. Hotdog has moved out front with Sadie because he can't behave himself and digs into their pen when they are put away...

Our shop feature on the site is also live! I'm excited to be able to start adding products from our Etsy shop into the storefront, soon!! As always, I hope you enjoyed this update and have a wonderful day! Feel free to let us know how your summer is going in the comments!!

For with God nothing will be impossible.

Luke 1:37

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