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Farm to Film Set Giveaway + Review!!!

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

November's Giveaway Set!

Riley and I are so excited to be giving away a copy of Farm to Film by Hannah Pierrou! We highly recommend Farm to Film for any child's library. It is sure to win you and you child's heart, the same way it won Riley and I's. From cover to cover, it keeps you enchanted as you walk through Gram and Pop's farm and see it through the eyes of a little girl and her Pop's old camera.

As you can see, Riley was rather excited to get a new book! She's a lot like me, and loves reading, and she also loves pretty much all things farm related. We chose to read it after supper that evening, and it was such a cute book!

With each letter, Hannah takes the readers through the farm and each page gives us the chance to go over a letter with our kids. Riley loved going page by page and repeating

the letter and what it stands for! She's closing in on 5 and really starting to want to learn to read, and this is a great chance to help her along!

Riley and I also loved the illustrations in this book. With each page, Hannah tells a story not only with her words, but with the drawings she created to go with them. They are so full of life and character that it kept us wanting to keep going and see what the next letter would bring. From bees to horses to zippers... the illustrations were perfect!

Riley and I will be going live on our Faith, Family, Farm Life Facebook page on November 15th at 6pm CST to choose a winner of the Farm to Film book and wooden toy camera!

You can purchase the book online at Amazon or from The Tree House Story Teller.

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