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How I Plan My Week!

Do you ever find your house a mess, causing stress about what needs done that you just haven't found time to do? If not, please send me your tips 😉 because I still, at times, catch myself stressing out about tasks that seem to never end. To ease this stress, I have came up with a routine that I really like, and hope to be able to continue with when busy season hits. I grabbed a planner from good ole Dollar General and began planning ahead. This route helps me to know ahead of time what's coming up, as well as to know daily what I need to get done.

The greatest lesson I have learned so far was the the hardest one for me to wrap my head around. If a task goes uncompleted, it's not worth stressing over. The tasks on my daily to-do lists are all common, simple tasks... none of which will cause the world to end if I don't get them done. That said, not checking off every item on my list used to cause me an incredible amount of unnecessary stress.

Nixing that unnecessary stress is something Jesse helped me with during one of our talks when he asked why I was so stressed out, and I was open and honest with him. He also said three words that are hard to put into action, but once you do, wow does it make you feel better. I bet you can guess what they are..."Ask for help." Instead of stressing about getting things done such as dishes or switching laundry while I'm midway through other things in the evenings after work, why not just ask for help if he's available?! Mostly because I felt it was my job to do all of these things, when in reality I have an incredible husband who is willing to jump in and help if I would just let him know what it is I need. I'm so incredibly grateful for him and his willingness to help!

To keep track of my daily to-do lists, I use a paper planner, as well as the To-Do List - Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders app on my phone. I'm sure there are other apps, that's just the one I found that I truly love and wanted to stick with. I tend to write my lists either in the evenings after supper or first thing in the morning when I'm getting ready for the day. I write out my personal tasks, as well as household tasks that need done.

The household task list usually entails basic things like doing dishes, putting laundry away, sometimes a decluttering project, or a specific room that will be getting a thorough cleaning. They aren't difficult, but writing them down keeps me more accountable to not shirk them off and have the "I'll do it later" attitude. It's no joke that if you wake up to a clean sink, it starts your day off so much better than to one piled high with dishes.

My personal task list varies from day-to-day depending on if I have shop projects to do, school work (any other readers college students?!), which chapter is next for my Bible time, and how much of the book I am reading that I want to get read. Those may not be the same things you need or want to do each day, but at least may help you get an idea of what I keep track of.

Currently my planner is a scribbly mess, but I wrote out this one to give you an example of what I prioritize, and then daily task examples.

If you'd like to use this version to plan with, I've included the download link below!

Weekly-Daily To-do List
Download PDF • 563KB

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