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Faith, Family, Farm Life is on Etsy!!

Did you know I have an Etsy shop? It's a small shop, but even starting it was a leap of faith. It is something that I've tried before (insert college memories here) and it failed. That failure caused me to shy away from taking a different route, and trying again for a long time. I turned from my fear and to my faith earlier this year, when I was gifted a Cricut machine for my birthday. It opened the door to a whole world that I never dreamed I'd be a part of.

The most interesting part about this is that I never once told a soul that I wanted a Cricut. I had been eyeing one for about a month, but wouldn't commit to purchasing it, and I will not ask someone for an expensive gift like that. It's just not something I feel right doing. So, imagine my surprise when that is exactly what my Mom chose to gift me for my 30th birthday, courtesy of my sister putting a bug in her ear that it's something I would probably like. I feel that this was a nudge from God, saying that He has more plans in store for me. He has a way of making me realize that when I have faith in Him, things generally work out.

Our kitten Gizmo enjoys "helping" me work!

Currently my shop is mainly home to decals for vehicles, décor, etc... but I am working on adding more items including housewares, keychains, and kid's clothing. Most of my items are based around my faith as well as family, and of course, farming. This is because as a farm wife and mom, it has been a challenge to find items that fit our style, or that I approve of for our daughter. I hope to make this easier for other farm wives and mothers in the future!

The growth of the shop is slow due to having a 4 year old, a full time job, and the farm. I have so many ideas, but need to learn to take the time to put them into action and make them a reality.

It was very exciting getting to ship my first order from my shop!

I am including photos to some items I have available now, and there is a "shop now" button beneath them, if you'd like to check out the shop!

Let me know in the comments what dream you are choosing to make a reality!!

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