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A Glimpse into Our Week..

First Baptist Church Fall Fest 2021 Family Picture

This week started off relatively normal, took a turn midweek out of the ordinary, and then ended on a normal note. Sunday began with church and our church's annual Fall Fest was also on Sunday. We got an updated family picture, and enjoyed the chili cook-off, and got to spend quality time with our church family and friends.

Riley was Rocking her Rainbow Curls

Monday was Riley's first day of spirit week for school, and she got to partake in "crazy hair day", and I had a mom fail and got no photos of that. Tuesday was 80's hair day, and she went with rainbow "crimped" hair, a tie-dye shirt, shorts, and tall socks with her tennis shoes. We ended Tuesday with an unexpected mommy-daughter afternoon at home when our daycare provider got struck with the stomach bug earlier that day. Thankfully she's feeling better now! We love our daycare!

Wednesday was similar to Tuesday, but it was patriotic day and also school picture day. We stopped to see Jim when we got home, and he was loving Riley's bow which isn't something he normal gives any cares to. That evening, Riley got to come back to work with me for a bit, then got to enjoy a daddy-daughter evening while I was working the scale house. Thursday and Friday were back to normal, and Friday we got to do what we love most, family time on the ranger, checking cows.

Olaf came up for some love, and Riley found treasures to play with on our way home. It was a perfect evening to spend outside, too. About the time we got home and headed out, the weather decided to cool off and just a hint of a breeze picked up. We spent a lot of time loving on Bobby and Olaf (see the video below), and then checked another pasture which is where Riley's "treasure" was found.

What's your favorite way to spend time with your family?

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